MNEK & Hailee Steinfeld’s “Colour” Music Video Is Everything We Needed: Watch

mnek colour video
mnek colour video with hailee
mnek colour video all white

MNEK’s "Colour” is a bop and this newly premiered music video is cute.

Colour” is a collaboration between the British artist and America's rising pop star Hailee Steinfeld released last month and the general opinion from lovers is that “Colour” is majorly cute. MNEK’s best song yet? Well, it’s a straight NO from me because he’s released way better and more solid songs in the past (e.g. “Tongue” or “Never Forget You”) but “Colour” is cute and it’s definitely one of the best pop bops you’ll hear this summer.

As for the Bradley&Pablo-directed “Colourmusic video, it goes from plain white to colorful. Beware of the first minute of the video, though. That camera work will make you undoubtedly dizzy. I kid you not. Aside of that little issue, which maybe was only me (need some caffeine to full wake up perhaps?), the music video was fun, Hailee Steinfeld looked super pretty, MNEK’s choreography was on point (nice male dancers selection by the way!) and it was nice to witness to awesome chemistry between the two singers.


Read the lyrics to "Colour" here

By on June 28, 2018
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