Miranda Brooke - Hater (Music Video!)

It had been a really, really, REALLY long time I didn't enjoy an R&B song as much as this! Newcomer in the music biz, R&B songstress Miranda Brooke - signed to Bu Vision/Def Jam by Akon's brother and A&R executive Bu Thiam, has released an incredible debut single called "Hater", co-written and produced by Sham "Sak Pase" Joseph (Rihanna, Kanye, Jay-Z), which I'm totally loving! Her style could be described as a bit Shontelle-ish, but since we've only heard one song from her thus far, we should wait til we get her album to make a full judgement. As for the brilliantly crafted "Hater", Ms Brooke defined it as "It's a song about ugly feelings."..."It's about jealousy, insecurity, and weakness, but it's honest.". She's got some nice smooth/sultry vocals, and bravo for those bold lyrics in 'Hater'. I believe that with the correct promotion, and radio support, Miranda's "Hater" could perfectly be a Top 40 hit in the US.

Now focusing on the 'Hater' music video that just VEVO premiered today (October 10th). Miranda follows the lyrics and gets her claws out as she spots an easy chick who's blatantly all over her man. The ending was a bit confusing though...did the easy chick win?

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

By on October 10, 2011
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