Mila J Shows Off Abs & Twerks In "My Main" Music Video

mila j my main video

Mila J Shows Off Abs & Twerks In "My Main" Music Video

Just wow. Mila J's music video for "My Main" is here and the treatment is so unexpected. Have we ever seen Mila J doing a video of this sort before? I don't think so!

Jhené Aiko's sister dances and twerks like the world is going to end tomorrow in the Blue Gregory-directed music video for "My Main", the newest single from Mila J's upcoming EP “M.I.L.A” (Made in Los Angeles). "My Main" - a song about loyal girlfriends - is produced by "L.A Love (La La)" producer DJ Mustard.

mila j my main music video

OMG! Mila J has really done the unexpected in this video. I was really expecting to see a cute music video whose treatment was about Mila J explaining the story of her friendship with her "main(s)" - best girlfriend(s) - but director Blue Gregory's concept for the "My Main" is quite "interesting". Basically we see Mila J and her troupe of sexy chicks wearing lingerie and sexy clothes as they dance and twerk on the large stage of "Club Main". She moves her body non-stop! and only stops a few seconds to serve customers their drinks. Rapper Ty Dolla $ign raps his verses sat down at a couch in the VIP area. Werk, Mila!

mila j twerks in my main video

What do you think of the video?

By on September 30, 2014

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