Mika - 'Boum Boum Boum' [Music Video]

mika in the wild west
mika is an emirates royal

Mika travels through time in the newly-premiered music video for ‘Boum Boum Boum’, the lead (French) single from his yet-untitled forthcoming fourth studio album, which is expected to hit stores in early 2015. (Yeah, Mika likes to release his first singles well in advance!)

The racy ‘Boum Boum Boum’, for those non-French speakers, is about a couple that are so into each other that like to 'make love' everywhere possible. To make love is to do ‘boum boum boums'.

The music video for the catchy new Mika single sees the Lebanese-British singer-songwriter travel back in time. He’s a gunman in the Wild West, he channels Al Capone in the black and white scenes, he's a powerful Emirates royal, and he even fights in the Napoleon army in France! But not all is past, there a few ‘present’ scenes where we can see Mika, sort of a James Bonds replica, who even has his lethal but beautiful female companion, running away from two enemies who try to eliminate him.

Pretty cool clip but this has NOTHING to do with the ‘Boum Boum Boum’ lyrics. I was expecting a different kind of ‘boum boum boum’, and the ‘boom!’ of a gun.

What do you think of the video?

By on July 7, 2014
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