Mika - 'Celebrate' (Music Video)

Check out Mika's music video for "Celebrate" featuring Pharrell Williams, the first single from the British-Lebanese singer's upcoming third studio album entitled "The Origin of Love" which is scheduled for release in the UK on September 16 via Casablanca Records...Click 'play' above!

"Celebrate" is an upbeat, uplifting vintage-sounding pop record, and although I'm liking the 'happy vibe', the single feels a little disappointing. It's obvious "Celebrate" won't smash in the UK, making things uneasy for the upcoming release of "The Origin of Love". Releasing album with a flopped lead single?. Not good! Now as for the "Celebrate" music video, it was kind of enjoyable, but not something I'd like to watch over and over again. The clip sees Mika in a room writing the lyrics to the song with his piano by his side. At the same time, different stories are presented of people sharing 'celebratory' moments, e.g; a surprise party, or an engagement proposal. Cool! I liked the ending as well with the flying about ripped sheets.

What do you think of the video?

Mika - 'Celebrate' (Music Video)

By on August 10, 2012
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