M.I.A’s Skrillex-Produced New Single “Go Off” Is Massive But Its Music Video Is Empty And Bizarre…

mia go off

I don’t know what M.I.A’s saying in this new song. All I know is that it is a BANGER!

Earlier this month a new track by the English recording artist called “Go Off”, produced by Skrillex, was uploaded by mistake on Beatport. M.I.A’s label of Interscope took almost-immediate action and removed it a couple of hours later. However, on Friday, July 15, “Go Off” was finally officially released.

The high-energy electronic song with hip-hop and indian tradicional music influences is confirmed to be music from M.I.A’s forthcoming fifth studio album titled “A.I.M” which will drop in stores in September - and unfortunately she’s also confirmed this will be her last. Say what!?

It’s my last record, so I just want it to be happy, and there’s no complaints on it. I want time to go and do some other stuff. I’m sure I’ll put music out and make music, but as an album it kind of just came together. I started making it after I made ‘Borders,’ and it just seemed to write itself very quickly

So sad. But I kind of innerly believe that she is saying this now but that in the near future she will change her mind.

Skrillex is a genius. What a MENTAL production he created for M.I.A and “Go Off”. Outstanding, amazing. Beat just knocks hard!

Also this Friday, M.I.A premiered the official music video forGo Off”. And it is a pretty bizarre one. M.I.A’s not in it, and all we get to see is footage of controlled detonations destroying massive empty ground areas. Mining-related?

I don’t get it. But I’m sure it must mean something. M.I.A always does everything for a reason. But anyway, let me just keep enjoying that killer Skrillex beat a bit more!

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By on July 17, 2016
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