M.I.A Performs "Born Free" on Letterman!

M.I.A Performs "Born Free" on Letterman!

M.I.A celebrated on Tuesday, June 13, the release of her third studio album entitled "Maya" via Interscope Records. The Sri Lankan artist had scheduled for that same day a performance at The Late Show with David Letterman to kick-off the promotion. Although we were all anxiously waiting for the first TV performance of the official first single "XXXO", M.I.A decided she didn't want to do that and instead perform "Born Free", whose music video you may recall was banned from Youtube due to its disturbing/violence-filled scenes.

WTF!? is probably what everyone in their houses was saying after watching M.I.A's performance. And big LOL at David Letterman's comment, "Happy Haloween!". I mean, the idea of the multiple M.I.A clones might have looked kinda cool but overall the performance was a big WTF. "Born Free" isn't the most appealing song to perform on TV also. And I'm seriously worried for the "Maya" album, as M.I.A still doesn't promote "XXXO" and the music video hasn't premiered yet. I have the feeling the CD is going to flop hard.

By on July 14, 2010

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