M.I.A Is A Desert Queen In "Finally" Music Video: Watch

mia finally video
mia finally video premiere

The music video for “Finally” is finally here!

Never been to a desert? Then let M.I.A take you on a tour of how it is to be there!

The British singer-rapper premiered the music video for the fan-favorite “A.I.M” track “Finally” today on VEVO and as expected it is a fire visual.

Directed by Vivianne Sassen, the new music video sees M.I.A waving flags and posing next to flower petals during the very warm day time, and wearing a thick jacket when the sun is all gone. Such an instructive video, huh? M.I.A is increasing our knowledge about deserts letting us now that deserts are not hot all day long. It gets chilly at nighttime!

Even M.I.A’s “simplest” music videos are fantastic. It’s amazing.

By the way, how stunning does M.I.A look in here? Flawless beauty!

By on June 16, 2017
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