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The complete Sweet Honesty lyrics by Mg.

Sweet Honesty lyrics

Love is all we need
With it, you know that we can
That we can get along
You and me, we can only get better
Building a love that's strong

But then you went and you lied to me
And I don't know if I'll ever believe again
It's just something inside of me
But it's you you're deceiving

Sweet honesty
Want to believe you could be the one for me

Need your sweet honesty
Can you give it to me?
All the love that we had
And I'm down on my knees
'cause I'll walk out today
If you treat me this way
Need your sweet honesty

Love is all we need
But I'm learning that love can
That it can break my heart
I had faith when you made me the promise
We'd never be apart


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