Melanie Martinez Premieres 8-Minute Music Video Featuring Songs “Soap” & “Training Wheels”, Implicitly Admits Dissatisfaction With Original “Soap” MV

melanie martinez soap video
melanie martinez soap video premiere

One of a kind singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez has finally publicly admitted that the music video for the song “Soap” that she premiered this summer damaged her flawless videography to date, and she realized that a solution had to be found. It’s just the truth. Melanie’s debut album “Cry Baby” is just pure genius in every way, super creative, and all of the music videos she’s released from it in the last times have been flawless from the first to the last second, with the exception of the one for the single “Soap”, which all Melanie Martinez fans have to admit left much to be desired and wasn’t really at the same level of creativity and quality of Melanie’s preceding MVs.

Last night, November 18th, the New Yorker singer-songwriter premiered on her YouTube channel a joint music video featuring the “Cry Baby” tracks “Soap” and “Training Wheels”. Melanie Martinez used these two songs in a same visual to be able to narrate a particular story.

The 8-minute long music video starts with the song “Soap” where Melanie Martinez can be seen making a call to her alleged boyfriend in which she begs him to come to her place, but her proposition is rejected. Immediately after, the alleged boyfriend is seen entering a bathroom and stepping into the bathtub filled with water. As Melanie sings “Soap”, strange things begin to occur. For example, a toaster mysteriously drops into the water and almost kills the alleged boyfriend of electrocution. In the same “Soap” video, there are scenes where Melanie is seen singing the “Cry Baby” track sporting a heavily creepy look, and making creepy facials with a beautiful flower wall standing in the back.

melanie martinez training wheels video

The next music video is that of “Training Wheels”. In this one, which is less creepy and dark and happier and livelier than the “Soap” video, Melanie is seen donning a double-ponytail hairstyle and looking very childish as she spends a relaxing day with the same alleged boyfriend in the park as she tries to teach him how to ride a bike. The “Training Wheels” video ends when Melanie tries to kiss the alleged boyfriend but he mysteriously vanishes.

I understand that the concept of this long visual was for Melanie to have the time to convey in her quirky way how difficult is sometimes for some people to verbalize the love they feel for another individual. For it is scary the reaction they may have. And I guess the moral of the sad ending of the video is that: "girls! you should lose no time in telling that guy what you feel for him because... what if he just disappears one day and you never get to see him again?" That’s what happened to Melanie!

This one I did like, Mel! You truly redeemed yourself.

Much Better?

Original "Soap" Video

By on November 19, 2015
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