Meghan Trainor's "Let You Be Right" Music Video Is Worth Multiple Views: Watch Now

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meghan trainor let you be right video premiere
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Meghan Trainor gave her latest single "Let You Be Right" the music video treatment today (June 4) on YouTube.

Directed by Colin Tilley, the flashy visual sees Meghan in fashionable sportswear being posey and dancing non-stop at a high school gym with a group of girls, performing from an arcade games room, and feeling very proud of her butt as she shakes it in a flattering white bathing suit.

Loved "Let You Be Right" (a peace-making anthem) on the first listen and I'm a little too obsessed now with its music video. It's so fun to watch, the replays will be abundant, and it's hard to choose a favorite scene! But if I had to... I would go with the high school gym ones. The choreography was so on point. I'mma need to learn it!

Epic Records is promising Meghan's new studio album is coming out "soon" but they still refuse to give a fixed date. But my bet is the album will be released during or upo conclusion of the new season of "The Four", which will see Meghan returning as judge - premiering FOX this Thursday, June 7th.


Read the lyrics to "Let You Be Right" here

By on June 4, 2018
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