Meghan Trainor’s “Let You Be Right” & “Can’t Dance” Are Pop Gems: Song Premieres

meghan trainor cant dance
meghan trainor let you be right

Meghan Trainor released today two new songs from her forthcoming third studio album - which will be arriving in stores later in 2018 via Epic Records. "Let You Be Right" and "Can't Dance" are the titles of the new songs. This is being dubbed as a "dual singles release" so expect both songs to be impacting Top 40 radio soon.

"Let You Be Right" is an mid-tempo song where Meghan lets her stubborn boyfriend know she isn't a fighting mood and where she says she will let him think just this once that he's right about what they are arguing. Oh, and Meghan will also tell him that putting her in a good mood again could be quite easy if he shows her some love. "I don't wanna fight tonight / I'ma let you be right / We can make up if you just kiss me at the next traffic light", sings Ms. Trainor in the chorus.

"Can't Dance" is more uptempo than "Let You Be Right" and is a song where Meghan Trainor will let her love interest know that it's okay if he's a bad dancer for she can take the lead and let the romantic moment remain perfect.

Assessment: These are pop gems!

"LET YOU BE RIGHT" (read lyrics here)

"CAN'T DANCE" (read lyrics here)

By on May 10, 2018
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