Meghan Trainor’s Inspiring New Song “Treat Myself” Is CUTE And Deserves At Least One Listen!

meghan trainor treat myself

Have you been feeling a little down lately thinking you need some kind of recognition in your life to motivate you to keep going? If you’re experiencing those feelings exactly, you need to check out Meghan Trainor’s new song “Treat Myself” because it talks about that. “Let me give myself a hand, uh-huh / Tell myself "get up and dance" / So I move my feet, I love all of me, uh-huh”, Meghan sings in her inspiring new song that she released on digital platforms this Friday morning alongside the pre-order of her upcoming third studio album also titled “Treat Myself” that will be arriving in stores on August 31.

Treat Myself” is cute, not “single material” cute, but it’s a good “album” track. I certainly wouldn’t skip it while playing the whole album but definitely I wouldn’t give it a lot repeats.

The song is uplifting, inspiring, it’s a “love yourself” anthem, but there were a few parts I didn’t like, and those were the second verse and the pre-choruses. Those definitely needed some tweaking. But the rest of the song is cute. The chorus took a little bit to church and I liked singing along. It made myself get immediately in a better mood.


Read the lyrics to "Treat Myself" here

By on July 20, 2018
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