Meghan Trainor Tries To Leave The “Treat Myself” Fiasco In The Past With “The Love Train” EP: Stream

meghan trainor the love train ep

Nobody knows with extreme precision what happened with Meghan Trainor’s third studio album. It was supposed to hit stores last summer but Meghan started to postpone it indefinitely with the intention of including new songs. The delay continued until last month, when the pre-order for “Treat Myself” was canceled. So we must unfortunately deduce that the album has been scrapped. The singles sadly didn’t work out this time for Meghan. And I’m sure neither herself nor her label were willing to release an album that was surely going to flop horribly. I must assume Meghan is currently recording a brand new album.

To compensate her fans for the fiasco of the “Treat Myself” non-release, Meghan put out a new EP titled “The Love Train” out today. The EP includes 6 songs in total. One of them is “All The Ways”, a single Meghan released last year, from “Treat Myself”, and that I personally loved. The remaining 5 songs are all new. And possibly songs from the scrapped “Treat Myself” too?

I’ve added below an official stream for the EP. Let me know if you like the new songs or not, if you are happy Meghan DIDN’T release “Treat Myself” I the end and also share if you have some advice for her following the scrapping of her third studio album. She might read this! You never know!


By on February 8, 2019
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