Meghan Trainor Falls Horribly On “Jimmy Fallon” Just After Performing “Me Too” Live! [VIDEO]

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Meghan Trainor Falls Horribly On “Jimmy Fallon” Just After Performing “Me Too” Live! [VIDEO]

Meghan Trainor appeared on NBC's "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon" last night, May 12, to deliver the first live performance of her new single "Me Too". And when we all thought everything had went great and that Meghan had offered a flawless performance, it all got screwed...badly.

Meghan served sassiness and fierceness throughout her debut "Me Too" TV performance yesterday; she even rocked a choreography for crying out loud! - but when she finished the performance, and pulled a fierce ending move throwing her hands in the air while giving the back to the camera, Meghan then turned around, approached her mic stand to say "thank you", but unfortunately on her way over there she got a problem with her high heels, ergo, SHE FELL HORRIBLY! She even screamed in desperation as she was falling. It was horrible - yet a TV gold moment.

Shame at no member of her band quickly going to her rescue. Not even Jimmy Fallon ran to help her out! Gladly Meghan was ok, and played it professionally and with some irony. Realizing of what had just happened, Meghan decided to stay lied down on the floor and just laugh. Jimmy played along and also threw himself to the floor (still, his first instinct should have been to run to her rescue!). Meghan then finally stood up and said goodbye to the crowd and viewers at home with a "so embarrassing!" face.

So sad this "show-stopping" moment stole the show last night... because Meghan had delivered a killer performance of "Me Too". Oh well, bad publicity is publicity for you anyway, huh?


By on May 13, 2016

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