Meghan Trainor Better Make "All The Ways" An "Official" Single: New Music

meghan trainor all the ways

Meghan Trainor launched the official pre-order of her upcoming album “Treat Myself” (out August 31) last night via various digital platforms. She also released last night along with the album pre-order a new “promotional/buzz” single titled “All the Ways”. But you know what? It if were up to me, I would upgrade this song from “buzz” to “official” single. It’s the song of this era I am loving the most. YEP!

All the Ways” is catchy as hell, it makes you want to sing along, it makes you dream of world where love is pure and never hurts, it makes you think of your first love, and so many other good feelings. I wonder if Meghan got the inspiration to write this song from the days she was dating her now-fiancé Daryl Sabara? That’d be cute.

PLESE MAKE THIS A SINGLE! I truly can’t stop singing along.

I’m already imagining the music video where Meghan Trainor has a fool-in-love face and jumps and up and down in a princess dress. Pink of course!


Read the lyrics to "All The Ways" here

By on June 21, 2018
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