Max Frost Wants Us To Have A "Good Morning": Single Premiere + Music Video

max frost good morning video
max frost good morning video premiere

Max Frost Wants Us To Have A "Good Morning": Single Premiere + Music Video

Austin, Texas mister Max Frost has a brand new song out. Entitled “Good Morning”, this is a cheery track with a gospel choir in it and some “Justin Timberlake circa his solo beginnings” groovy vibes. I guarantee you will only need to hear this once to be completely obsessed with it. “Baby it's a brand new day / Ain't no clouds hanging over me / Something doesn't feel the same / The rest of my life gon' start today / Good morning”, sings 25-year-old Max Frost on the chorus. From this lyrics glimpse, you can more or less get the idea of the song; “Good Morning” is an anthem for optimists. And if you’re feeling somewhat down for whatever reason, then play “Good Morning” immediately because it will help you get in a mood too.

Good Morning” is just a little taste of what Max Frost has in store for us for when he drops his much-anticipated full-length debut album with Atlantic Records this summer.

Oh, and get this, “Good Morning” will be used on Pepsi’s new commercial for their new sparkling water brand, “bubly”, that will make its TV debut during the Oscars this weekend. So definitely get into the “Good Morning” zone right now so you can be the cool guy to your friends and tell them you knew of this jam before it exploded.

Rating: 4/5

By on February 28, 2018

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