Matt Terry Faces Terrible Death In "Sucker For You" Music Video: Watch

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Matt Terry Faces Terrible Death In "Sucker For You" Music Video: Watch

Have you ever had your girlfriend get your car on fire, lock you up in it, push the burning car from a cliff and sentence you to drown in the ocean waters? No? Well, that happened to Matt Terry, aka. the winner of last year’s “X Factor UK” season. Matt released earlier this month his new single “Sucker for You” and over this past weekend he premiered the official music video on VEVO. The music video sees Matt and his girlfriend arguing and getting a little bit physical in their home, then going for a car ride at night, and then Matt’s girlfriend stepping outside the vehicle and doing exactly what we described in the opening lines of this post. That was so cruel of her. To die by drowning? That’s one awful way to die. So what’s the moral of this video? To do a psychological check of your possible partner before engaging in a real relationship? Yeah, that must be.

We were hooked on the song on the first listen but we accept that “Sucker for You” is a song that falls in the “generic” bag. Is that bad? Not always. There are “generic” songs that ultimately break the mold and end up becoming big hits. Is this the case of Matt’s single? Well, as of this post, the song is at #59 on the UK Singles Chart, and well, that’s not good…

By on October 30, 2017

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