Matt Cardle & Foster The People Debut New MVs: "Starlight" & "Call It What You Want"

Matt Cardle & Foster The People Debut New MVs: "Starlight" & "Call It What You Want"

Considering his first single "Run For Your Life" plummeted from its debut position of #6 to #23 and now it's nowhere to be seen on the UK's Singles Chart, I don't find it strange latest X Factor UK winner Matt Cardle is rushing a new single. The second offering from his debut LP "Letters" will be the track "Starlight" (out on December 5th). Matt premiered on November 2nd the official music video for the new single. Watch above! The song is definitely better than "Run For Your Life", and the same for its accompanying visual. "Starlight" is somewhat similar in sound to what Snow Patrol could offer, and I see it getting more radio airplay TBH. It's a good effort, but is it good enough to save Matt's debut project? Not sure!

If you thought the "Helena Beat" video was weird, just wait 'til you watch Foster The People's visual for their new single "Call It What You Want", which the American indie pop band premiered via VEVO this week. So bizarre, but so cool at the same time, lol. "Call It What You Want" is one of my favorites on Foster's "Torches" album so I'm happy it's getting single treatment. About time I say! By thy way, is it me or the Foster guys rented the same mansion Lady Gaga used for her 'Paparazzi' vid?

What do YOU think of these music videos?

By on November 3, 2011

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