Mary J. Blige Links Up With Kanye West On "Love Yourself": New Song Premiere!

mary j blige love yourself

Mary J. Blige just unbelieved the latest single from her forthcoming new studio album "Strength of a Woman", which will arrive in stores on April 28th. The song is called "Love Yourself" (not a cover of the Justin Bieber "Purpose" hit) and it features none other than rap superstar Kanye West (the queen and the king working together? Yes God!).

"You gotta love yourself, if you really wanna be with someone else", preaches Mary J. Blige in the chorus of her new single. Yep, the queen will give us a masterclass about the importance of self-love. But, it is with sadness that we have to say that the song sounds too dated, despite the cool soulful horns here and there, and we're shocked by this genre route the queen has taken for "Strength of a Woman". Her album have been constantly declining in the latest times and we do not think this genre and style of songs will help amend this situation. Plus, "wasting" a collaboration week Kanye West like this? His verse in here is fire as usual but he needed to with Mary J. Blige on a song that was the motherf*cking bomb, not this... For "Love Yourself" may have nice lyrics and powerful MJB vocals but it's not a song crafted for the top of the charts, and that's unfortunately what Mary needs if she doesn't want to fall completely off of her throne.

PS: The song is, as of this post, nowhere to be found on iTunes' Top 100. And it features Kanye West! Oh my...



By on March 31, 2017
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