Martin Garrix & Khalid's "Ocean" Is A Lovers Anthem: Single Premiere

martin garrix ocean

Very nice song. Although any song would become instantly NICE with Khalid's smoldering vocals featured in it.

Dutch DJ Martin Garrix released today his collaboration with Khalid titled "Ocean" on digital platforms.

"You could put an ocean between our love, love, love It won't keep us apart / You could build a wall, I will run it up, up, up / Just to get to your heart / If we're caught in a wave Baby, we'll make a way", sings Khalid on the chorus of this romantic song.

Khalid sings about clearly being in love and there being no barriers strong enough to keep him from loving his woman.

This isn't a club song per se as Martin's EDM beat ain't that uptempo but rather laid-back but I'm convinced a crazy good remix may change things and make "Ocean" a must-play at parties this summer.


Read the lyrics to "Ocean" here

By on June 15, 2018
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