Marriage or NSA? Chris Brown Has A Difficult Decision To Make On “Undecided”: Song Premiere

chris brown undecided

Chris Brown dropped last night a new song titled "Undecided" without any prior warning. It is believed this song will be part of Chris's upcoming "Indigo" album. Am I loving this? Oh yeah. "Undecided" hears Mr. Brown returning to his R&B roots and I personally prefer him better in this style of music. What about you? Are you more of Team Rapper Chris Brown?

The lyrics of "Undecided" are about Chris being hesitant of moving his relationship with this girl to the next phase. The girl wants to be "wifed" already but Chris would prefer to keep things just sexual between the two of them - but she does like the girl. So he's in a confusing state of mind. Any advice for him? Chris sings all of this over a super mellow beat. Can we give it up to the BEAT please? I love it. Particularly the flute moments.

"Undecided' is such a good look from Chris Brown to kick off 2019. He better keep this sound for the rest of this era.

PS: LOVE this cover art too.



UPDATE: Music video out!

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By on January 4, 2019
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