Maroon 5 Premiere Snapchat-Themed Music Video For “Wait”: Watch Now!

maroon 5 wait video
maroon 5 wait video premiere

This is taking low-budget music videos to a brand new higher level.

Maroon 5 premiered the “Wait” music video this Thursday morning on VEVO and the visual product is basically a self-made thing by Adam Levine. He just grabbed his iPhone, opened the Snapchat app and recorded himself many times using all the face filters he encountered. And that’s the “Wait” music video. Adam using face filters at various locations, but mostly at his house.

Oh lord, the embarrassment is real.

“Wait” is climbing positions fast on pop radio, even before Maroon 5 confirmed it as the next single from "Red Pill Blues", and it was a just matter of time until an official supporting music video would get here. But now that it is… maybe everything was more okay without it? I mean, this music video is a bit embarrassing. You have to agree with me that “Wait” deserved something better.

Did Snapchat pay for this music video or what?

By on January 18, 2018
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