Marina Premieres Political Music Video For "To Be Human"

marina to be human video
marina to be human video youtube

Marina gets political in her new music video for "To Be Human", a captivating track from her "LOVE + FEAR" album. The visual shows the British singer performing "To Be Human" from a bamboo forest and on the streets of what appears to be a Japanese town. The rest of scenes in the music video are footage of social movements of the recent years and the refugee crisis.

Speaking on "To Be Human", Marina said the following in a statement included in the press release we just received: "Thematically, ‘To Be Human’ sums up the head space that I’ve come from in the past three years. The subject matter is really important. I talk about unity, name checking a lot of places around the world to create this picture of humanity because in our current political climate we are constantly being made to see different people as ‘other’ and I hate that.”

This is powerful stuff!


By on April 9, 2019
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