Maluma Releases Polyamory Reggaeton Anthem "Felices Los 4": Listen Now!

maluma felices los 4

Maluma Releases Polyamory Reggaeton Anthem "Felices Los 4": Listen Now!

Have you recently broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend but you still have strong feelings for him/her but you have already moved on with another person? That’s the dilemma Colombian reggaeton star Maluma, aka “Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy”, faces in his new song “Felices los 4” (“Happy the 4 of us” in English). He’s in that tricky situation, so is his ex girlfriend (she still has feelings for Maluma too). So what’s his solution? That the four of them (he and his new girl, and she and her new boy) join “forces” and form a love quartet! Monogamy, who? #lovewins.

“Felices los 4” is a departure from Maluma’s pure, hard-hitting reggaeton sounds, now trying something Latin pop-flavored. But it’s still reggaeton music, even though he’s softened it a bit. Maybe he’s trying to appeal to a larger demographic? Also, bravo at him reducing the amount of sexism in his lyrics. It’s a start!

No doubt radios in Latin America, Spain, and in the US Latino community will eat “Felices los 4” right up. Maluma is one of the most popular reggaeton artists right now, and one of the most successful Spanish-singing artists of the latest times. His singles are all hits, his music videos rack up millions of views on YouTube, and his fanbase is growing exponentially as days pass by. One of his strongest selling weapons? His ridiculously stunning good looks***. Pretty boy indeed!


Extra: "Felices los 4" was produced by Rude Boyz, the same production team that created the beat of Shakira's "Chantaje".

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