Maluma Is The Hottest Bartender In “Felices Los 4” Music Video: Watch

maluma felices los 4 video
maluma felices los 4 video premiere

Maluma Is The Hottest Bartender In “Felices Los 4” Music Video: Watch

Imagine walking down to the hotel's bar and finding out the hot bartender is none other than Maluma. I would faint. Would you too?

The Colombian reggaeton singer premiered this Friday morning (April 21) the music video for his new single "Felices los 4" - after releasing the song only yesterday. That was fast!

Directed by Jessy Terrero, the video sees Maluma being the hot bartender at a hotel lobby and conversing with a guest, none other than Wilmer Valderrama. They will speak in English, giving Maluma the opportunity to let the world know he also dominates the English language and that an English crossover album is totally possible. After Wilmer walks out the scene to mind his day, a sexy lady will sit by the bar and start flirting with Maluma (like, who wouldn't!?). The two will eventually hit an upstairs room and yes, things will get very steamy: as in they will make out and Maluma will take a naked shower! *faints again*.

maluma felices los 4 video musical

The two will then return back to the bar downstairs and normal chatting will resume. Who will suddenly appear? Wilmer Valderrama, who will turn out to be the girl's official boyfriend! DRAMA! Wilmer will ask the following to his new pal Maluma while taking his girl in his arms: "I see you have already met the most beautiful woman?". To what Maluma will reply: "Yes, I've had the pleasure of meeting her". LOL. Shady!

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By on April 21, 2017

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