MAGIC! Want To Show They Aren’t A One-Hit Wonder With New Single “Lay You Down Easy”: Listen

magic lay you down easy

Canadian band MAGIC! - who made our summer 2014 really groovy with their hit “Rude” - are back. They will release their second studio album later this year with the help of RCA Records, and although the release date nor the title are confirmed yet, what we do have now is the album’s first single. The song is titled “Lay You Down Easy” and it got released this past Friday, March 25th, on all digital platforms in the US. “Lay You Down Easy” features Jamaican star Sean Paul and I guess this is a “natural” collaboration for both MAGIC! and Sean are into reggae-infused, dancehall music.

Hearing “Lay You Down Easy”, I’m liking the easy-on-the-ear reggae groove, it is a cool cheeky anthem (“I’m hoping to lay you down easy”) and it kind of feels like a continuation to “Rude”, like “Lay You Down Easy” picks up where “Rude” left off two years ago. Oh, and the chorus is oh-so catchy and “instant”.

Is it better than “Rude” then? Well, no, but it’s without a doubt the best song MAGIC!’s has recorded after “Rude”.

By the way, the time has finally come to see if MAGIC! are or aren’t a one-hit wonder. If they don’t slay the charts with “Lay You Down Easy”, then they are done for sure.

Hit or Miss?

By on March 27, 2016
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