Madonna SUCKED In The "Medellin" Music Video...

madonna medellin video
madonna medellin video youtube

Ok, so it’s not that Madonna sucked, as in performed "badly", in the “Medellin” music video. It was quite the opposite; she did amazing. “Medellin” is now one of my favorite Madonna music videos ever to be honest. The attention to detail, the over the top production, the different themes, the cinematography, Madonna looking freaking incredible for being 60, Maluma looking PAPI as hell… really… it’s very difficult to pick a favorite thing about this music video. Or is it? OK, I was just kidding. Of course my favorite part, similarly to the rest of the world who is agreeing, is the toe-sucking scene. Madonna and Maluma are on the bed and the “Like A Virgin” diva suddenly starts sucking/licking one of Maluma’s toes. Hot. ONLY MADONNA COULD DO THAT!

“Medellin” has been growing on me a lot ever since it was released last week. I still think it doesn’t have a chance to become a proper hit nor top the Billboard Hot 100 any time soon but that doesn’t seem to be Madonna’s priority at this point in her career. She just wants to make music that makes her happy.

One, two, cha cha cha…


By on April 27, 2019
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