Madonna Keeps Singing Despite Getting Sound And Lights Shut Down at Glasgow Concert: Must-Watch!

madonna Glasgow

It isn’t over until the Queen says so.

Last night, December 20th, Madonna wrapped up the European leg of her “Rebel Heart” world tour in Glasgow, Scotland, but unfortunately, she couldn’t wrap it up the way she wanted. For her tour engineers were FORCED to cut the sound and lights of the show while she was performing the very last song of the setlist, “Holiday”, yesterday at The SSE Hydro Arena before 13,000 Scottish fans.

Madge got pissed.

What happened? The Queen, as usual, started her show late, so by the time she had reached the encore section of the show with "Holiday", she had already exceeded the 11pm limit the city of Glasgow had imposed for her as the maximum hour to finalize her music spectacle. So, venue bosses, following the local noise pollution act, forced Madonna’s engineers to shut down the power.

Did Madonna walk out then and give fans the ‘deuces’ sign? Nop. The Queen knows her fans are her #1 priority. So instead of wrapping up the concert the second the power was shut down, she decided to re-start the “Holiday” performance but this time leading a loud sing-along with the crowd. So it was basically Madonna doing the entire routine like nothing had happened and her fans taking care of the singing. It was a pretty bizarre yet awesome situation. However, despite how awesome this might’ve been in the end, Madonna really needs to deal with all this lateness that is giving her “Rebel Heart” tour a serious bad fame.

By the way, thank God this incident happened in the last song of the concert. Can you imagine if this had occurred mid-show? I would so have requested a refund!


By on December 21, 2015
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