Madison Beer (ft. Jack & Jack) - "All For Love" [Music Video Premiere!]

madison beer all for love video

When is Island going to release Madison Beer’s debut album for real? It’s been 2 years already since “Melodies” came out! (the alleged “lead single” from the long-delayed debut album of Madison’s).

The 16-year-old singer with a stunning face, and Justin Bieber’s protégée, will release on digital stores tomorrow, September 18th, a new single called “All For Love”, but surprisingly the music video has come out before! Screw up? The MV premiered today on VEVO.

“All For Love” hears Ms. Beer bringing a more mature vibe. It feels like she’s grown up 10 years in only 2.

madison beer all for love music video

The new single is a midtempo dance-pop song where Madison sings that everything she does, whether it’s good or bad, it’s all for love. The song is giving me serious “British music market” vibes, it’s definitely a mature step-up from “Melodies” and last year’s “Unbreakable”, but I find it to be a bit of a risky move since Madison is 16 years old only, meaning the music everyone is expecting from her is something more bubblegum and fun, and not this “serious”, and I don’t know either if her target audience, that is little girls below the age of 16, will be able to appreciate a song like “All for Love”. Having said all of this, I pray for the non-failure of Madison Beer because I think she has major potential.

The “All For Love” music video shows Madison being the girl with the kerchief who’s in charge of signaling the beginning of an illegal car race in the desert. Track collaborators Jack & Jack will appear towards the mid-section of the video to spit their rapping and hang on with their girl Mad.

What do you think of the song/video?

UPDATE: Unfortunately the music video was uploaded by mistake on VEVO today and has been now made "private". The MV for "All For Love" will "officially" be released online tomorrow, September 18th; the same day the single hits iTunes. Bookmark this post to watch the music video again once it's re-uploaded tomorrow!

UPDATE 2: Read above the tweet Madison just posted! Ehhh? The VEVO video isn't "private" anymore! And according to Mad's tweet it's OK to watch it! Yey!

By on September 17, 2015
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