Macklemore & Kesha Bring "Good Old Days" To "Ellen": Watch Performance

kesha macklemore ellen
kesha macklemore ellen performance

Only last week Kesha was on "The Ellen Show" performing "Praying" and plugging her "Rainbow" tour. Did you too think that would be last time we would see Kesha on "Ellen" in a long while? Well, we were all wrong! Kesha RETURNED to the iconic daytime show today invited by Macklemore so the two could perform their collaboration "Good Old Times" live for the first time on television right there. "Good Old Days" is featured on the rapper's new album "Gemini", which, as of this post, sits at number 1 the iTunes albums chart.

Nobody performs on "Ellen" twice within just a few days. Kesha must feel honored!


That was a great performance!

Chemistry, check, Macklemore's awesome rapping, check, and Kesha's moving vocals in the chorus, check!

By on September 25, 2017
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