Machine Gun Kelly Talks “Innocent” Camila Cabello Getting “Picked On” By The Other Fifth Harmony Girls In Radio Interview: Must-Watch

machine gun kelly defends camila

You have to be kidding me.

Just when we thought the Fifth Harmony/Camila Cabello drama was over, here comes Machine Gun Kelly to stir up the messiness.

During an in-studio radio interview the day after Camila's departure from Fifth Harmony was made official, the rapper talked about the ugly matter and gave his irrelevant opinion. What did he say? I'll let you watch the full discourse below but here are a few headlines that will certainly cause a few eyebrows to be raised:

  • The other 5H girls turned their backs on Camila
  • Camila is such an innocent girl
  • "I don't like seeing someone being picked on"
  • The other girls should be "grateful" Camila was with them
  • There is no "trickery" going on from Camila
  • He says, almost laughing, that it was "odd" for the Fifth Harmony announcement to be made the same day he and Camila received their gold plaque for "Bad Things".

I just can't with this guy. I thought I liked him but not anymore.

He clearly is super close with Camila these days, and surely they have talked about this situation while they were promoting "Bad Things" everywhere, so I'm getting the feeling the "picked on" statement may be something that he received as feedback directly from Camila during a conversation.

But oh well, Machine Gun Kelly is such a fool for meddling in other people's business. I know he wants the "promo" and "exposure" but did he honestly need to talk about the Fifth Harmony/Camila situation on the radio? Couldn't he have politely refused to answer any of that matter in this interview? He clearly wanted to TALK, huh?

*By the way, if I were the Fifth Harmony girls, I wouldn't pay Machine Gun Kelly no mind. Especially to a guy who says stuff like the following to a woman:


By on December 21, 2016
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