Mac Miller & Ariana Grande Premiere "My Favorite Part" Music Video: Watch

mac miller ariana grande my favorite part video
mac miller ariana grande my favorite part video youtube

He would've been a fool if he hadn't released this song as the next single from his new album "The Divine Feminine" (in stores since September).

Mac Miller's finally pulled out that ace hidden in his sleeve. "My Favorite Part" featuring his current girlfriend, pop star Ariana Grande, will serve as his new official single (I'm guessing Mac's label and Ariana agreed December and the following months was the right time to promote "My Favorite Part" as her schedule wouldn't be as busy and she would be able to make it to TV performance with him) and and with this song the Pittsburgh rapper will try to get the first real hit out of "The Divine Feminine".

Directed by someone who goes by the name of "_p", the music video for "My Favorite Part" depicts Mac Miller and Ariana Grande as two apartment building door neighbors with a strong physical and emotional ATTRACTION. Mac and Ari will run into each other before entering their respective apartments, they will think of each other in a really steamy way while hanging out in their living rooms/bedrooms, and eventually things will get "WET". But don't be dirty-minded, I mean that a rain will commence flooding their homes (mmm, I didn't get this part. Did they have a dampness problem on the walls or what?). The video wraps up when Mac finally gets the courage to move forward, knocks on Ariana's door and he's literally dragged inside by the "Into You" star.

YEP, they shared a "magical moment" afterwards... lol

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[Ariana Grande] (Don't know why thinking of him makes me smile...) Said, you just don't know how beautiful you are And baby that's my favorite part…

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By on December 13, 2016
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