Lupe Fiasco Contradicts Himself, Will Release “DROGAS Light” Album In February 2017 After All: Anti-Semite Drama Over?

lupe fiasco drogas light

Who gets Lupe Fiasco really?

He will tell you one thing today and a total opposite one tomorrow.

The Chicago rapper announced he was quitting music and cancelling the release of his planned trilogy of albums last week on Twitter when he was slammed by fans over an anti-semite lyric he included on his J. Cole "Everybody Dies" freestyle "N.E.R.D". "Artists gettin' robbed for their publishing/By dirty Jewish execs who think that it's alms from the covenant" was exactly what the rapper rapped.

His overdramatic response to the "unexpected hate"? Please see below:

But a just week later, Lupe has drastically changed his mind... (he is such a phony).

He took to Twitter last night to let us know that his sixth album "DROGAS Light" would be released after all and that February 10th, 2017 would be the "out" date. He accompanied the announcement message with a picture of the album cover (see below) - which basically is a full white background with the Chinese character for "light" placed in the very middle.

lupe fiasco drogas light cover art

So yeah Lupe Fiasco fans, you will be getting that long-awaited "Tetsuo & Youth" follow-up in just a of couple months from today.

Will that anti-semite lyric keep chasing Lupe, though?

By on December 25, 2016
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