Louisa Strips Down For Label Executives As New Single “Yes” Plays Out Loud: Watch

louisa strips down for label executives

Louisa is loving her new single “Yes” so much that it’s making her do crazy things.

Last week in an interview for Fabulous magazine in the UK, the British pop singer revealed an “anecdote” that took place very recently at the boardroom of her record label. She remembered “Yes” was played, very loudly, for everybody to hear and that she got literally possessed by the song that she felt the need to strip down up until her “bra and knickers” were exposed and simply dance her life out of the song on top of the big table. And of course all of this occurred before the eyes of her label executives.

A random person screen-captured that part of the interview and posted it on Twitter writing the caption “This just didn’t happen, did it?”. He clearly didn’t believe the story. But just a few hours later, he got a reply from Louisa herself with a short video of that scandalous moment that proved what she told Fabolous was true.

Eh… I don’t really know how to feel about this… What do you guys think?


By on March 19, 2018
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