Louisa Johnson Serves Killer Vocals In “Unpredictable” Performance With Olly Murs On UK TV

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Why isn’t this woman big yet? She’s got the looks and the vocals. Syco better get it right with her next single or else allow her to depart, because evidently they would have proved incapable of getting Louisa Johnson’s immense talent to truly shine. And it would be their entire fault. She would need to find a new house where they would honestly help her (working with her arm to arm, not imposing anything, but letting everything flow naturally) get that quality, and hit-worthy music we all want to hear from her out in the world. For now, Louisa (“X Factor UK” Season 12 winner) has released two singles that have failed to chart within the Top 10 on the UK Singles Chart, and that’s horrific for a woman who can sing like this:

Olly Murs and Louisa Johnson delivered last night the first televised performance of their collaboration “Unpredictable”, the latest single from Olly’s “24 Hrs” album, on ITV 1’s “Tonight at the London Palladium” (a variety show).

Their performance was pretty great (minus a brief vocally-shaky moment from Olly during the acapella-ish bridge).

Louisa Johnson was the show-stealer, though. Not only did she look ready to slay, she slayed in the vocal department too (as expected, by the way). Check out some of her “X Factor UK” performances, if you haven’t yet, and you will be wowed by some of the things she can do with her vocal chords.

Louisa sounded on “Tonight at the London Palladium” just like the studio version of “Unpredictable”, and she nailed those high notes of the bridge with much perfection and comfort (it was pretty incredible to witness).

By on June 8, 2017
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