LMFAO Party On 'The Crush'

Electro-pop duo LMFAO delivered the first UK television performance of their new single "Champagne Showers" on T4's 'The Crush' earlier this week - The Redfoo, GoonRock & Audiobot co-produced eurodance-sounding track was released on July 10th in the UK as the official second single from the uncle-nephew duo's latest album "Sorry for Party Rocking" in that country. So far the dancefloor-ready "Champagne Showers" has peaked at #32 on the UK Singles Chart, a very low ranking considering the level of success LMFAO have been amasssing lately worldwide.

What I think is that "Champagne Showers" is unable to catch on at the current moment because "Party Rock Anthem" is still so big in the UK (and the rest of the world for that matter), so big in the clubs there and because it's still selling really well. It's gonna take some patience, but I truly believe "Champagne Showers" can become another global charts ruler. Oh, and big WTF at Natalia Kills for not being at this 'The Crush' performance. Girl needs to get all the exposure she can, and sharing a stage with LMFAO right now will get you that. Nat's music is flopping and clearly needs a boost of help and LMFAO can give it to her! I don't care if her voice is so high-pitch auto-tuned and doesn't even sound like her in the song, you just get on these "Champagne Showers" TV performance now!

By on July 25, 2011
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