Listen To Thomas Rhett's New Single "Craving You" Now!

thomas rhett craving you

Country hottie Thomas Rhett released a brand new single called "Craving You" featuring Maren Morris today. This country-rock number will appear on Thomas's upcoming follow-up album to 2015's "Tangled Up", which will arrive in stores later this year.

Does "Craving You" sound like an important hit for Thomas Rhett? Yes, it does a lot. The country rock production is quite everything and well crafted, Thomas's raspy vocals are beyond sexy, and the lyrics about "craving" that love interest 24/7 reminds us of how jealous we are of the person that gets to be the life partner of hottie Mr. Rhett. We bet he's one passionate lover, lol. "Craving You" is such a sexy track (wish Thomas would sing the chorus one day in our ears). And there's no doubt country radios will make it a super hit this spring!

Oh, and could Thomas appear shirtless in the future music video? Thank you.



By on March 31, 2017
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