Listen To Kesha’s Emotional Rendition Of “This Is Me”, From “The Greatest Showman” Soundtrack!

kesha this is me

Bless whoever had the idea of asking Kesha to record her own version of this song. “This Is Me” was born to be sung by Kesha, even if it’s just a cover. “This Is Me” is an original song from the soundtrack of “The Greatest Showman” and it’s originally sung by Keala Settle. “This Is Me”, the original version, is nominated for a 2018 Grammy. And it’s a well-deserved nomination; the song is beyond brilliant. And although we love Keala’s version, we have to be honest and say we’re in love with Kesha’s cover version a little bit more. Kesha’s rendition was released today, December 22nd, on digital platforms. Oh, and you wonder why the song needed a cover version? Well, Demi Lovato also recorded “Let It Go”. Remember? A cover by a famous pop singer always attracts more audience to the movie the soundtrack song is originally from. It’s a good strategy.

“This Is Me” is a mid-tempo ballad with a great build-up where lyrics talk about finding your inner strength and just loving who you are. And knowing the tough life Kesha has had to live in the recent years, you just know this song meant a lot to her to record and that you will get emotional hearing Kesha singing it. The goosebumps will be real.

By on December 22, 2017
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