Listen to DNCE and Nicki Minaj Super Collaboration "Kissing Strangers" In Full Now!

Kissing Strangers

DNCE just premiered what could be the biggest single of their career to date: a collaboration with the one and only Nicki Minaj entitled "Kissing Strangers".

How did this song come about!? Is Nicki a fan of the Joe Jonas-led dance rock band? Or did Republic Records just want to make sure "Kissing Strangers" becomes bonafide hit (for having Nicki on it makes it certain)?

There's no word yet if "Kissing Strangers" will be part of a re-relese of DNCE's debut studio album or from their upcoming sophomore one but surely they will comment on it rather soon.

As for the song, "Kissing Strangers" is a fun carefree anthem. It's about making out with people you don't know non stop until you find the right person you click with. Nicki makes her appearance in the bridge with a wack but killer verse.

Hit or Miss?

By on April 13, 2017
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