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Ariana Grande is growing up and she’s losing the fear to address certain “topics” in her songs. For instance, the A$AP Ferg-assisted track “Hands on Me” - from her upcoming album “My Everything”. Could you imagine old sweet – new in the business - Ariana singing so openly about foreplay and “making love” in her debut album “Yours Truly”? NO. But now in “My Everything” - and taking into consideration she’s now 21 years old and she’s had (and ended) two “public” relationships – she’s secure of herself, more mature and musically free (the huge sales of her first album and its singles have given her more power). “Hands on Me” is by far Ariana Grande’s raciest songs to date.

“Hands on Me” song review

Racy, indeed. And A$AP Ferg’s rap verse makes “Hands on Me” even racier. “Keep your hands on me / Don't take them off until I say so / We'll be taking off / Or maybe making love / You just keep your eyes on my you know what”, sings grown-up Ariana in the first verse of “Hands on Me”. What’s exactly her “you know what”? Do you know?

“Hands on Me” is track no. 11 on “My Everything”, and it is produced by Darkchild. In the lyrics of the R&B-urban cut, Ariana sings about all the things she wishes her and her boyfriend would be doing at this precise moment. "Sweet love", that is. She likes so much when her BF puts his hands on her, she just wants can’t wait for that to happen. The entire song is filled with beautiful, soft vocals by Ariana and a lot of begging.

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By on August 21, 2014
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