Listen: K. Michelle Premieres Heartbreaker Anthem "Love 'Em All"

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K. Michelle is back with a heartbreaker anthem. Following last year’s release of her debut album “Rebellious Soul”, the R&B singer has decided to give her R&B sound a touch of pop-rock for album #2 (A risky move?).

The powerful and gritty “Love ‘Em All” - released today, September 16th - is the lead single from K. Michelle’s upcoming second studio album which will be released later in 2014 via Atlantic Records. What’s the album called? Well, K. Michelle has been tweeting the acronym “AWBAH” a lot lately when referring to the album so many fans are saying that’s going to be the title. Not the acronym, but the words it's shortening.

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“Love ‘Em All” single review

You go, K. Michelle! “They say I move too fast / Going man to man / Always holding a new hand”, narrates the R&B singer in her pop-rock anthem. Haters gon' always hate, huh? Why do they have to care K. Michelle loves being a slut? “'Cause they think I love 'em / But I love 'em all / I need another one to get over the other one”, then sings Kay-Kay in the chorus, further confirming her 'sluttery'. Hey, females can also be players, right? They have the same right as men. So, you GURL. Play with a few fellas and have fun. “Love ‘Em All” is so going to become an anthem for many women this Fall. I foresee great rhythmic radio airplay future for K. Michelle’s “Love ‘Em All”. Good single!

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Hit or Miss?

By on September 16, 2014
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