[Listen] Inna Remixes 'Ai Se Eu Te Pego'

[Listen] Inna Remixes 'Ai Se Eu Te Pego'

Err, Inna...why? The Romanian singer released a remix of 'my favorite track at the moment', the Michel Teló worldwide hit 'Ai Se Eu Te Pego' via her official Facebook page on Monday (January 9th) - Inna kept the same portuguese lyics but decided to revamp the original production a tad, adding her signature electro beats. I like Inna's accent when singing 'Ai Se Eu Te Pego', especially when she says 'delicia' (cute!), but keeping it real, I'd lie if I say I'm loving her remix. The original is amazing, in fact, I've been jamming it like crazy for the last couple months, lol, but Inna's rendition, honestly, is a bit of a mess. It loses the 'likeability' of the original. Still, I appreciate Inna's effort to record this remix, and giving it to fans for free. In other news, is she planning to re-release 'I Am the Club Rocker'? I hope so, 'cause she needs a brand new single to get back on the spotlight, since the rest of tracks on that album are not-single worthy.

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By on January 10, 2012

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