[Listen] Inna Finds "Devil's Paradise" In New Song

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Inna is back this week with a new song from her "Summer Days” EP - coming out later this month on iTunes. ”Devil’s Paradise” is as of this morning (September 8th) available for individual digital purchase, but the Romanian brunette singer has released a full audio stream on YouTube as well. Listen below!

After “Take Me Higher” and "Low", ”Devil’s Paradise” is the latest iTunes countdown single from the "Summer Days” EP. Inna is to release all tracks from the EP on iTunes before dropping the EP as a whole at a later date. Has this been done before? I mean, the majority of artists do the “iTunes countdown singles” nowadays, but releasing ALL the songs from an album/EP one by one and then releasing it as a whole? Not sure I have seen this. Is Inna a pioneer?

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”Devil’s Paradise” song review

Anyways, back to ”Devil’s Paradise”. If “Take Me Higher” was up-tempo, "Low" a little less up-tempo but still infused with Inna's signature lively synth-pop beats, the new one ”Devil’s Paradise” - also produced by Play & Win – unveils a never-before-heard tempo from Inna. ”Devil’s Paradise” is more than a ballad. It’s super tranquil, and it almost sounds like an interlude. I mean, it could totally pass as an interlude, just check out its length, 2:16 minutes!

In the song, which features an instrumental that for some reason reminds me of the circus, Inna sings about having found the ultimate pleasure with her new man. “Yeah I want you now now 'cause your lips are the perfect crime / Like a devil's paradise”, sings Inna in her new song. Is she on Cloud 9 or what!?

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By on September 8, 2014
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