[Listen] Ariana & The Rose Prove Stardom Potential With Haunting New Single “Give Up The Ghost”: Review

ariana and the rose give up the ghost

[Listen] Ariana & The Rose Prove Stardom Potential With Haunting New Single “Give Up The Ghost”: Review

There’s more than one Ariana in this world. Besides Ariana Grande, we also have Ariana DiLorenzo, the lead vocalist of the Ariana & The Rose band. The singer, who was born in New York but currently resides in London and has absorbed the musical essence of this city to further polish her sound, premiered a few days ago a brand new single titled “Give Up The Ghost”. As informed via her accounts on social networks, “Give Up The Ghost” will appear on an upcoming new EP, “Survival of the Fittest”, that she is currently recording alongside The Nexus (“Lana del Rey”) and Tom Fuller (“Patrick Wold”).

This is not the first time I hear from Ariana & the Rose, though. A year ago the New Yorker captivated me with her song “In Your Bed”. When I first was requested to take a listen at this song last year, just because of its title I was expecting something rude and tasteless, but huge was my surprise when I realized “In Your Bed” was the entire opposite. It was to a certain extent an anthem to all women, and why not even men. We can all learn a thing or two from the lyrics of this song. In “In Your Bed”, Ariana sings in the chorus: “Just because I’m in your bed / Doesn’t mean I’m yours”. A set of wise words in this world where adolescents usually don’t care for their actions and its consequences.

Back then, you could say Ariana & the Rose’s sound was a little bit more pop (although they made sure to remain faithful to the “left-side pop” essence that’s in their DNA) and now it seems they’ve evolved into an alternative synth-pop style. This evolution in their sound fits like a glove to Ariana’s vocals, though. Accompanied by beautiful piano keys, and an impeccable electronic-synth atmospheric production, Ariana delivers a great dosis of ethereal vocals as she sings the lyrics of her new single “Give Up The Ghost”. This one is a heartfelt ballad where Ariana warns girls to not fall into the trap where someone with bad intentions will use “The right seduction to draw you in” and tells them that in an scenario of clear future heartbreak, where there is nothing you can do, and there’s nothing but pain, the best is to “give up the ghost” and move on.

Ariana DiLorenzo, who says has been musically influenced by the avant-pop styles of Bjork, Florence and the Machine, or FKA Twigs, is little by little perfecting her signature sound, and I believe she is now ready to be known by the entire world. The single “Give Up The Ghost” is solid proof of Ariana’s immense talent, her unique way of transmitting the lyrics of a song, and course that any singer or band that do not have the support of a major label also have the capacity to create exquisite music with the potential to be loved by the whole planet.

An ideal scenario to hear Ariana & the Rose’s new track? If you’re having the feeling you’re making the same mistake over and over again, or you’re in an unhealthy vicious circle, hear “Give Up The Ghost” at full volume alone in your bedroom and let Ariana give you that final push for you to finally change your course of action.


By on November 16, 2015

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