Linkin Park - 'The Hunting Party' [Album Lyrics]

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The best adjective to describe Linkin Park's sixth studio album 'The Hunting Party' is AGGRESSIVE. Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda and Co. are entirely ditching their so-called 'commercial' rock sound in their 2014 album release, and they're not changing it just a tad, they have given their sound a total make-over, going HARDCORE rock. And by that I mean; screaming left and right, raucous guitar riffs, heavy bass and intense lyrics.

If Linkin Park decide to perform all of the 12 tracks on 'The Hunting Party' non-stop at a concert, you can be sure Chester Bennington will be voiceless the next day!

The entirety of 'The Hunting Party' was produced by LP members Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda. Collaborations on the album include tracks with; Page Hamilton (of Helmet), rapper Rakim, Daron Malakian (of System of a Down), and Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine). 'The Hunting Party' is released on June 17th via Warner Music.

Favorite track(s)?

1. 'Keys to the Kingdom'

2. 'All for Nothing' (featuring Page Hamilton)

3. 'Guilty All the Same' (featuring Rakim)

4. 'The Summoning' (interlude)

5. 'War'

6. 'Wastelands'

7. 'Until It's Gone'

8. 'Rebellion' (featuring Daron Malakian)

9. 'Mark the Graves'

10. 'Drawbar' (featuring Tom Morello) (interlude)

11. 'Final Masquerade'

12. 'A Line in the Sand'

By on June 9, 2014
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