Lily Allen's New Single "Trigger Bang" Is Addictive And A Bop: Listen

lily allen trigger bang

Lily Allen's New Single "Trigger Bang" Is Addictive And A Bop: Listen

The one and only Lily Allen is back. Her comeback was supposed to be on Friday, though. However, a shameful leak forced the British singer-songwriter to push up the official digital release of her comeback single “Trigger Bang”. The song, featuring rapper Giggs, was released on Apple Music and Spotify last night. “Trigger Bang” is an official single from Lily Allen’s upcoming fourth studio album “The Fourth Wall”, which will be coming out within the next months. Lily’s last project was “Sheezus” in 2014. About time for a comeback!

“Trigger Bang” opens with a rap verse from Giggs and then it’s all Lily Allen. She will serve relaxing vocals over this banger. Lyrics will hear Lily singing about her old life (“When I was young I was blameless”) and her talking about cutting out negative/toxic people (“If you cool my ambitions / I’m gonna cut you out”). Lily will also include in “Trigger Bang” a lyric, we think, only she and few others can pull off without causing outrage: “Everyone knows what cocaine does / Numbing the pain when the shame comes, hey”. We’re just in love with the melody of this, how the song gets bigger and bigger as seconds pass by, and this officially is a bop. Welcome back, Lily! You were missed so much!

By on December 12, 2017

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