Lil' Mama - Scrawberry (Music Video!)

Lil' Mama - Scrawberry (Music Video!)

After a three-year hiatus from the rap world, Lil' Mama is finally pulling a comeback in 2011 - The 21-year-old raptress from New York City has just premiered via her YouTube page a music video for a never-heard-before track called "Scrawberry". I assume Lil' Mama is planning to release a mixtape soon. The song samples Special Ed's "I Got It Made" and its music video was directed/shot by Phil Lee. According to the video's description on YouTube, in "Scrawberry" Lil' Mama "pays homage to one of her role models, the legendary MC Lyte". Well, well, well. I gotta say I'm loving the video! It's fun and creative (the dollhouse theme was cool). And I'm kinda liking the song too! Not bad at all Lil' keep releasing stuff like this and you may get a new album opportunity.

Are you liking the song and/or the video?

By on August 30, 2011

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