Lil' Kim - Black Friday (Music Video!)

Lil' Kim - Black Friday (Music Video!)

Queen Bee Lil' Kim premiered last night the music video for "Black Friday", one the songs included on her new mixtape of the same name which was released on Valentine's Day - According to Kim, the "Black Friday" mixtape - on sale for $9.99 via Paypal - sold over 113, 000 copies in the first 28 hours! Hmmmm, love Kim but those numbers look rare to me. As for the "Black Friday" music video, it world premiered on Monday via World*Star Hip Hop and sees Lil' Kim taking her Nicki Minaj-diss to a whole new level.

From a Nicki Minaj impersonator who watches Youtube videos of Lil' Kim to try and imitate her every move to a DOG chewing a pink-haired doll, lol. Other scenes include a fly-looking Kim rapping the lyrics in hallway or backed by her 'boys' in the streets while dissing Nicki. I know the song and Kim sound way too 'bitter' but in the end, just taking into account the rap and the flow, I really think Lil' Kim slayed. She should forget about the Nicki Minaj beef though, and move on. I need another "The Jump Off" in my life.

By on February 17, 2011

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