Liam Payne of One Direction Teases Solo Song, Sounds Very Justin Bieber-Ish?

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It looks like Zayn may not be the first One Direction star that gets to release a solo album first. Beware Zayn, for Liam Payne is coming too!

22-year-old Liam posted last night, January 16, on Instagram a 15-second clip of an untitled new song he had recently recorded. “Little Song I wrote for fun yesterday”, he wrote in the description. The music we could hear was very R&B, almost entering the urban realm style. Rumor has it that the beat of this untitled track was co-produced by Juicy J and producer TM 88 of 808 Mafia - with whom Liam shared studio time only a few days ago in Los Angeles.

Very interesting. Although Zayn seems to have been embarrassed a little, for – with this Liam snippet - we have already heard more solo music from Liam, who, unlike Zayn, hasn’t officially announced a solo album release yet, than from him. Odd. Could this mean that Liam is closer to finish his solo album than Zayn? Nah. It can’t be. I’m sure Liam’s just recording songs ‘for fun’ for the time being. However, this newly-released snippet proves that Liam is taking his solo career seriously and that perhaps his solo album won’t take much longer to get released after Zayn’s.

Now focusing on Liam’s snippet seriously, I’m sorry for him but this is giving me serious Justin Bieber circa the “Journals” era. They both have similar ages, and target the same audience, so Liam is definitely going to have to work harder if he wants to differentiate from Justin Bieber and his well-known ‘urban persona’, because as of right now this untitled track snippet of Liam’s is sounding too JB. It’s going to be hard not to make comparisons. Sucks because Liam has also the right to record R&B/urban songs, but he might want to tackle other styles because if the comparisons with JB start making headlines then his solo career may get frustrated from the very start. True Zayn is also R&B records, but from what I’ve read from his interviews, it seems he’s adding indie and soul elements – reinforcing my aforementioned point, Zayn, in contrast, is indeed trying to differentiate. You see.


Little Song I wrote for fun yesterday

Un vídeo publicado por Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) el

By on January 17, 2016
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